A ForceFitness Workout is a group of exercises that mix traditional calisthenics, body weight exercises with
    interval and strength training, in a way that resembles a military boot camp.

    Classes are designed in a way that pushes the participants harder than they would push themselves. The program
    is also incredibly fun, with no two workouts alike, and having fun while working out is just as important as burning
    fat and getting stronger.

    "An hour of "boot camp" feels like 15 minutes.  An hour on a treadmill feels like a weekend in traffic school."

    ForceFitness Workouts are comprehensive and address all areas of fitness including; developing cardiovascular
    and muscular endurance, boosting fat loss while amplifying muscle mass gain, increasing full body strength,
    enhancing agility and improving balance and flexibility. Simply put, these intense ForceFitness Workouts will GIVE

    Like other conventional workouts, a ForceFitness Workout involves calisthenics including, but not limited to; body
    weight exercises, abdominal specific exercises, kettle bells and dumbbells and other unconventional exercises.
    Where a ForceFitness Workout differs is your own ability to increase intensity by pushing and challenging your
    body to its outermost limit. You will exert your entire body- going from one exercise to another, with no recovery
    period, allowing your heart to reach its maximum potential pulse rate without ignoring any muscle group. You will
    work, you will sweat and, best of all, you will get results-FAST. There’s no better time, than today, to start living a
    stronger and healthier life.

    "You focus your mind to train your body and the changes that begin to take place impact your mind as well. Dream it, believe it, and you will
    achieve it."

    • Burn TONS of calories, reduce stress, lose weight, and increase energy.
    • Alleviate workout boredom, build confidence and friendships.
    • Work your WHOLE body in a short period of time by blending aerobic and muscle toning workouts.
    • Challenge you to push outside your comfort zone and maximize effort.
    • Encourages your success by helping you set and reach your GOALS!!!

    This no-excuse, no-nonsense, intense, workout requires your commitment, accountability, drive, and hard work.
    We get down to the basics starting day one with cardio endurance, core strength, flexibility and nutrition advice.
    Get positive, visible results that will motivate you to stay on track!
    Get out of your comfort zone and commit to be fit TODAY !!!

    "If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse."

    Do you suffer from couch-potato-syndrome? We can get you hooked on a workout program that you will love...
    Did you ever want to run a 5K? You will be shocked at the results you will receive from core strength training...
    Do you need to get in shape for summer fast? Commit to our program 1 month, others will tell you how great you
    Don't think you can do it? You will work at your own ability, at a pace that you can handle, and rapidly progress...
    What are you waiting for? Get out of your comfort zone and act now, you will not be disappointed...


TUESDAYS 5:40-6:40PM

Dave Whitten
(815) 342-8995

We are located at Canlan Ice Arena
1581 West Normantown Road, Romeoville, IL 60544
"The difference between where you are and where you want to be is your commitment to getting there."

How do I register?
This is a continuously running class, no need to wait for a new class, simply come to a regular scheduled class time and
participate. Try the class for a week FOR FREE.

What do I need to bring to workout? Our floor is covered with wrestling mats so no street shoes are allowed. You may workout barefoot,
wrestling shoes or shoes dedicated to the gym (no street). Bring a water bottle and a towel to mop up your sweat.

What if I can not make all of the classes in a week, do I have to pay for a full month? If you think you will not make the majority of
the months classes, we have punch cards available good for 10 workouts to use as you see fit.

What do I need to do to prepare for a class? Stay hydrated throughout the day of a workout. You will sweat. Make sure you have a
water bottle with you at class. It is NOT a good idea eat dinner before you come to class. Give meals several hours to settle before your

I have not worked out in a long time, will I be able to keep up? Yes, the class is designed for YOU to work at your own pace, use
weights that are comfortable for YOU. As you progress in the class, you will feel more confident and comfortable to push yourself a little
harder. We have a wide range of participants from beginner to advanced, all sharing the same workout plan but working individually at a
different pace. You will not be forced or pressured to do anything you are not 100% confident in doing. You will build confidence after every
workout and you will be proud of your accomplishments.

I am a very serious fitness enthusiast, will this class challenge me? Yes it most definitely will. We have several members who enjoy
the competition and challenge of pushing each other. As you progress in the class, you will push harder, you will use more weight, you will
challenge yourself and you will excel in other activities such as running, lifting weights, playing sports, etc.

What are the benefits I will notice from participating? One of the first benefits that you’ll get from your boot camp workouts is improved
cardiovascular fitness, your heart will be getting a great workout. You’ll also increase your body’s ability to withstand fatigue, so you can work
harder and harder with each session you perform. With all the different bodyweight exercises you'’ll add in when doing your boot camp
workout, you’ll see muscle tone and definition like you've never seen before. One of the most attractive benefits of boot camp classes to
anyone who also participates in a variety of sports is the improvement it gives to your agility ability.  Since you will be moving from exercise to
exercise, many of which require a high level of balance and coordination, you will really increase your overall agility. Finally, the last benefit of
boot camp exercise and workouts is that they're fun! When you add a social aspect to your workout program you’re going to enjoy it more
and because of this, keep coming back for another session.

"I can't do it" never yet accomplished anything; "I will try" has performed wonders."

Why Boot Camp Workouts & Boot Camp Exercises Are So Effective...
• Use multi-joint weightloss oriented exercises that burn more calories and fat and boost fitness levels quick.
• Challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally which is key for long term results.
• Hold you accountable for showing up and for giving 110% when you're there.
• Include innovative moves that keep the workout fun and interesting.
• Set achievable fitness goals that contribute to weight loss and fat loss.
• Address healthy eating and metabolism boosting strategies.
• Are full of other highly motivated people who encourage and motivate you.
• Push you to go past your comfort zone while staying safe.
• Address all aspects of fitness including cardio, strength, and flexibility.
• Are more affordable than one on one personal training.
• Can be modified for people of all levels, even teens.

Still not convinced? ... Come in and try it for FREE... Get out of your comfort zone and commit to be fit TODAY !!!

Get out of your comfort zone and start seeing results.
Become the stronger version of YOU !!!